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Appraisal number: 610 (2016)

Date issued: 1 Jul 2016

dBlue Acoustic Pipe System


The dBlue Acoustic Pipe System is a sanitary plumbing system that consists of discharge pipes and fittings that have been acoustically designed to reduce the noise caused by water and waste passing through the discharge system. The system is for internal use within multi-floor buildings such as, offices, multi-floor hotels or large residential buildings where noise is an issue. The pipes and fittings are blue.


The dBlue Acoustic Pipe System has been appraised for use within the following scope:

  • As pipes, fittings and materials for sanitary plumbing system design and installation in accordance with NZBC Acceptable Solution G13/AS3 and AS/NZS 3500.2.
  • For use as a sanitary plumbing system for internal use within buildings.

Installation of components and accessories supplied by Marley New Zealand Ltd must be carried out only by licensed and registered plumbers.

Technical literature

dBlue Acoustic Plumbing System - Sanitary and Drainage Technical Manual

Consenting instructions

Always refer to the Appraisal in full and the technical literature.

Appraisal holder

Marley New Zealand Ltd
Phone: 09 279 2799

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