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  BU613 NZ 4218: 2009 Calculation Method

Designers can show compliance with New Zealand Building Code clause H1 Energy efficiency by using Acceptable Solution H1/AS1 or Verification Method H1/VM1. BU613 image.JPG

H1/AS1 cites the schedule and calculation methods of NZS 4218:2009 Thermal insulation - Housing and small buildings as a solution for thermal resistance of the building envelope. H1/VM1 cites the modelling method.

This bulletin provides an overview of the calculation method. It updates and replaces Bulletin 504 NZS 4218 Calculation method.

This bulletin covers: 

  • Flexibility of the calculation method
  • Documents required for the calculation method
  • Reference building heat loss calculation
  • Proposed building heat loss calculation
  • Examples using the calculation method