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  BU583 Waterproof decks

BU583.jpgA waterproof deck is essentially a low-slope roof that is designed to accommodate loads from foot traffic when used as an outdoor living space. Typically, they are constructed with timber framing, a plywood substrate and waterproof membrane and could be over a habitable living space.

This bulletin discusses the design and construction issues that are critical to achieve reliable performance for timber-framed waterproof decks.

It covers the requirements of E2/AS1, alternative options to E2/AS1 and the risks associated with the design and construction of waterproof decks.

Publication date: April 2015 Keywords: balcony, butyl sheet, deck, drainage, finishes, floor, ground clearance, gutter, joint, maintenance, moisture, multi-storey, plywood, roof, rot, rubber, tile, weathertight