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  BU567 E2/AS1 flashing requirements

BU567.jpgFlashings play an important role in preventing moisture getting into the building envelope and draining out any moisture that does get in.

This bulletin outlines the minimum requirements for flashings to comply with E2/AS1 Third Edition incorporating Amendment 5.

The bulletin covers:

  • where flashings are required
  • New Zealand Building Code requirements
  • selection of flashing materials
  • specific flashing requirements, including apron flashings, cap flashings, barge flashings, wall cladding corner flashings, ridge and hip roof flashings, roof penetrations, door and window flashings, horizontal joint or inter-storey junction flashings, flashing vertical junctions between different materials, flashing meter boxes, eaves flashings, saddle flashings and backflashed joints
  • installing flashings.

Publication date: December 2013 Keywords: aluminium, balcony, cladding, condensation, deck, deformation, design, drainage, flashing, joinery, joint, metal, moisture, movement, multi-storey, roof, sealant, weathertight, window