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  BU561 Timber-frame parapets, balustrades and columns

BU561.jpgCare is required when detailing timber-framed parapets, solid framed balustrades and framed columns to ensure the completed element will be weathertight.

This bulletin addresses ways to design and construct timber-framed parapets, balustrades and columns using E2/AS1 Third Edition (including Amendment 5) as a means of compliance.

The bulletin covers:

  • Building Code requirements
  • cavity requirements
  • framing treatment
  • parapet and balcony capping, including capping materials, metal capping, metal capping joints and concealed membrane capping details
  • parapets and balustrades
  • timber-framed columns.

Publication date: May 2013 Keywords: balcony, butyl sheet, cladding, condensation, deck, drainage, flashing, framing, joint, maintenance, moisture, multi-storey, multi-unit, plaster, roof, rot, sealant, timber, wall, weathertight