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  BU519 Fasteners selection

BU519.jpgMetal fasteners used in building must be chosen with care to ensure they comply with Building Code clauses B1 Structure and B2 Durability. They must be selected for the appropriate corrosion zone and exposure conditions to ensure they will perform over their service life.

This bulletin highlights those areas and applications where care is required and to encourage the correct specification of fasteners.

The bulletin covers:

  • materials for fasteners
  • types of fasteners
  • corrosion
  • joining metals to metals
  • fasteners into timber
  • corrosion performance of galvanised steel fasteners
  • fastener specification.

Publication date: February 2010 Keywords: aluminium, bolt, cladding, corrosion, fastener, finishes, foundations, metal, moisture, nail, preservative, roof, stainless steel, steel, timber, wall