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  BU490 Metal component terminology

BU490.jpgThe most common building materials made from metals are produced from mild steel, stainless steel, zinc, galvanised steel, alloyed aluminium, lead and unalloyed or alloyed copper.

For each type of metal, the specification that describes the numerous subclasses of each metal type can have a significant influence over durability expectations. These specifications are discussed in this bulletin for the most common metals and subclasses. Correct specification of metal components is an essential step in meeting the specified durability requirement of NZBC clause B2 Durability.

The bulletin looks at general properties of common metals and provides a glossary that explains the terminology associated with metallic-based materials.

Publication date: October 2007 Keywords: aluminium, bolt, corrosion, fastener, flashing, hardware, metal, nail, stainless steel, steel