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  BU450 Solar-control glass selection and installation

BU450.jpgThe glass used in windows plays an important part in the control of solar energy entering and leaving a building.

This bulletin discusses the issues involved in selecting and installing solar-control glass to control heat gain and heat loss through windows.

This bulletin covers:

  • how solar-control glasses work
  • solar-control glass types - heat-absorbing (tinted) glass, reflective (coated) glass, low-emissivity glass and heat-absorbing glass with a reflective coating
  • design considerations
  • costs of solar-control glasses
  • causes of failure
  • special issues when installing solar glass
  • skylights
  • mirror effects
  • cleaning and maintenance.

Publication date: June 2004 Keywords: cladding, double glazing, glass, glazing, IGU, natural light, solar 

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