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  BU389 Concrete toppings

BU389.jpgConcrete toppings are slabs placed over a thicker structural concrete slab or other stable floor structure. They are often used to overlay concrete floors where the existing surface has deteriorated and needs upgrading or a new function or decorative effect is required for the floor surface.

They vary in thickness, typically from 20 mm to 100 mm, depending on the chosen method of laying.

This bulletin gives a design and construction outline for those considering the use of toppings and covers:

  • methods of laying - bonded toppings and unbonded toppings
  • bay sizes - including shrinkage control
  • construction joints and formwork
  • laying and curing
  • protecting the topping
  • coloured toppings
  • terrazzo
  • sealers.

Publication date: July 1999 Keywords: concrete, finishes, floor