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  BU306 Inspection procedures for chimneys, fireplaces...

BU306.jpgRarely is a solid fuel heating appliance itself a cause of a fire incident. Fire incidents involving open fireplaces and solid fuel heating appliances are most often the result of:

  • poor construction and/or installation practice
  • defects associated with ageing and durability
  • inappropriate use of materials
  • inadequate maintenance.

This bulletin aims to emphasise the care needed in installation, use and maintenance of solid fuel heating appliances. It also addresses the factors that influence fire and structural integrity of chimneys and open fireplaces and refers briefly to heating appliances other than those designed for use with solid fuels.

The information contained within this bulletin is written for builders, installers, inspecting authorities and householders. It is recommended that the building, installing and maintenance practices described within be carried out by competent tradespersons. In addition, any modification of the installed system should not be attempted without the knowledge of the local authority. Insurance companies may also require such notification. 

Publication date: April 1993 Keywords: chimney, fire, fireplace, maintenance, safety