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Download details of new projects receiving Building Research Levy funding in 2013.

BRANZ research provides a valuable contribution to the industry and community through projects that develop knowledge and tools to improve the performance and sustainability of today's and tomorrow's buildings - the foundation of our economy. These developments start from a better understanding of the performance of current buildings and user requirements.

BRANZ research also provides a knowledge platform for the on-going development of building controls, such as New Zealand standards and the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC).

Establishing research priorities


Some key research projects

Industry-funded research

BRANZ receives about 40 percent of its total income from the construction industry's Building Research Levy.

Visit these areas of our website to explore outputs from our industry-funded research programme:

Commercial research

BRANZ can design and carry out a specific research programme (as opposed to simple testing and consulting) for a client, using the skill base from our industry and government-funded research programmes and linking with other consultants if necessary.

The research programme can also be designed to anticipate future regulatory changes, using BRANZ's knowledge of government strategies and policies and likely forthcoming changes to the New Zealand or Australian Building Codes and Standards.

More information

For further information about any aspect of BRANZ research (including participation in and contribution to projects), please contact