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 Our Quality Systems

Quality underpins everything we do. It is at the very core of our values and it enables BRANZ to be a credible, sought after and respected enterprise that contributes to the betterment of the built environment.


On 4 October 1976, BRANZ was one of the first laboratories in New Zealand to be registered as an accredited testing laboratory. The accreditation was in the field of physical testing (our fire laboratory), and the accreditation has been retained and the range of tests expanded over subsequent years.

Our accreditation against the International Laboratory standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 now covers fire testing , fire resistance testing and thermal insulation . This means our test reports and certificates are accepted in 48 economies around the world.

In addition, BRANZ is also certified against ISO 9001 for its overall operation.

Customer Satisfaction

While having an effective Quality System is important it is also crucial that we are responsive to the demands of our clients.  BRANZ is committed to meeting or exceeding our customers' expectations and one measure of this is through customer satisfaction surveys.

Our target is that at least 90% of our clients who respond to our surveys have their expectations met or exceeded for our Seminars and our Build Magazine and the benchmark for Testing and Appraisals work is 80%.

Testing and Appraisal work

A targeted level of 80% customer satisfaction with the outputs from the SES Group (Test Reports, Study Reports, Research papers, Appraisals and outputs from the Economics team) is being met.



The following graph records responses from seminar attendees, from June 2011.  Those who responded were asked did the seminar exceed your expectations, meet your expectation and not meet your expectations. 
The feedback on the 3604 Seminars was particularly pleasing as a total of 4148 people attended 36 presentations held from Kaitaia to Invercargill from March to June 2011. It was one of the largest BRANZ seminar series in the last 12 years. 



The Build Customer Satisfaction Survey held during 2012 showed a very high level of satisfaction with 80% of respondents rating it as very useful or essential.  When the number of respondents who found it useful are added the rating climbed to 98%.  The following graph records the feedback from 2009.