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 Find Appraisals

Search for current Appraisals by number or keywords using the form below, or search by product type using our interactive house model.

Interactive House Model

Use our innovative visual tool to find an Appraisal.

 You can search for an Appraisal in several ways:

  • Enter the Appraisal number or a word from the Appraisal name into the 'Appraisal Number or Name' box.
  • Search by company using the 'Company Name' menu.
  • Search by product type using the 'Product Type' menu.
  • Scroll down to explore the Appraisal house.

Where an Amendment has been issued for an Appraisal, the Amendment Number is shown in brackets, e.g. (AP 88/98) or (A1 2001). For copies of an Amendment document, contact the Appraisal Holder.


Explore different areas of the house to find related Appraisals.