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 Advisory Helplines

BRANZ Advisory Services receive more than 5,000 telephone enquiries a year. Many of these can be solved very quickly by our technical advisers and building consultants, so why not give us a call.

Building industry helpline

For members of the building industry (builders, tradespeople, designers, building officials): 0800 80 80 85
Press 1 - To speak to a technical adviser
Press 2 - For BRANZ publications

Simple enquiries are free of charge for members of the the building industry. Costs are incurred where written advice, including email, is required by the enquirer and where more extensive information is needed to be researched by our technical adviser.

A You Tube clip provides an introduction to the building industry help line service as well as pointing out critical changes to E2 AS1.

Public helpline

For home or building owners, members of the public or students: 0900 5 90 90

Calls cost $1.99 per minute (plus GST). Children, please ask the bill payer first.