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 House Insulation Guide 4th edition

What insulation do I need to include?

The new BRANZ House Insulation Guide 4th edition is intended to help designers assess the thermal performance that can be expected for given levels of insulation and common construction options.

With nearly 50 percent more construction options and 28 new pages of information, upgrade to the 4th edition today!

New additions include:

  • 10 options for steel-framed wall construction (only 2 in 3rd ed)
  • Deeper rafter options of 240 mm and 290 mm for a number of roof constructions
  • 6 concrete slab constructions (only 3 in 3rd ed)
  • Work out the total construction R-value for a roof, wall or floor
  • A redeveloped calculation table for recessed downlights
  • and much more.

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