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 Why participate?

equipment logging_screen of palm.JPGThe information gained from this research will go towards defining future policies surrounding the make-up of commercial buildings, the way they are fitted out and, ultimately, how to increase their efficiency and reduce the costs to run them. In other words, by helping us, you're helping to make non-residential buildings better and helping New Zealand business compete more effectively internationally.

In return for taking part, participants will get feedback on the resource use in their workplace. After enough monitoring has been done to get enough buildings containing certain activities, the information can be compared to see what the differences are and why they occur. A short report is then issued (usually about a year after the installation of monitoring equipment) showing the business where energy and water (where monitored) was used and where savings could be made.

Feedback also allows participating building owners to make informed changes to improve the competitiveness of their investment. There is also the advantage of working out rough payback periods for any work proposed on the building.