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 BRANZ Research and Information Agenda

BRANZ's investment of the Building Research Levy is guided by the information needs of the industry. BRANZ works with numerous industry groups to establish these needs, which are both long- and short-term in nature. Where there are significant information needs and no information is available, research is required.

While the evolution of the industry's needs is slow, the needs do change in response to changes in the business environment and as research is completed and new discoveries, opportunities and innovations emerge.

In 2012 BRANZ worked closely with MBIE, the CIC and the CSG to help develop Building a Better New Zealand, a single building industry research strategy.   This new strategy is broader in scope than previous BRANZ research and information agendas (BRIAs) and is owned by both government and industry. Building a Better New Zealand has been underpinned by a comprehensive industry needs survey and extensive consultation with industry, and as such it is intended to provide a strong strategic foundation to underpin both the direction and funding of building research across the whole New Zealand building research community.   An important part of this will be investment of the Building Research Levy.